Who Am I?

thS5HOWEOHPhoto courtesy of: actscommunitychurches.com


Who am I? I did not know not long ago. Or, maybe I knew and was afraid of what PEOPLE would think if I told them. I was and am continually on that beaten path to REAL self-discovery. I know what I wanted to be or did I really “IF” I didn’t know who I was. Hmmm!!! Have I confused you yet? I can help you discover your strengths and who you are but had issues with telling you who I TRULY am or was. Hmm!!! Oxymoron or incongruous huh?

Well, what is self-discovery you might ask? It can be defined as “becoming aware of one’s true potential, character, motives, etc”, per American English Dictionary. I have been in this journey for quite some time and I am ready to be able to answer that very weighted question and help you answer it as well. I can tell you what I am not. I am not: my hair, my career, my job, my marital status, or my religious affiliation. However, right now I can say I am SCARED, I am FEARFUL, I am LONELY, I am BROKEN in some areas, I sometime feel left out, and I sometime feel less than. But I know that is not who I TRULY am. I am a overcomer, I am a B.A.L.L.E.R (want to know what that is just ask me), I am FREE, because whom the Son sets Free is FREE indeed. I am who I am because He said so and that is all I will ever be. Guess what? I don’t need your approval to be who I am either.

Now, as I continue on this path to self-discovery I ask that you search yourself and discover who you TRULY are…

Don’t JUDGE me because of my TRUTH and TRANSPARENCY!

I’m sharing my HEART and THOUGHTS…

Life as the PK Twanna



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