Just Be You…


Ephesians 2:10 “For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do GOOD WORKS, which GOD prepared in advance for us to do.”

Have you ever had those days where you think “WHO AM I?”, “What was I placed here to be”?  Well, I had those days quite often. Growing up I often wonder who am I, who would I become in this life, who is that one individual out there that I would like to pattern my life after? Well, I was never really able to answer that question earlier in life. Why you might ask? Because I was always closed mined, never thought I deserved to be SOMEBODY. So I started allowing other people to tell me who I was, what I should become or be. That is when I realized I was living a LIE. I was doing what EVERYONE wanted me to do and NOT living the dream I had for myself as a child/teenager.

I can recall sitting in a class in the 11th grade when career counselors visited to discuss with us different career paths. They introduced themselves and then started around the room asking us to introduce ourselves. Their question was: Tell us your name and what career field you want to be in or what you wanted to be when you graduated from High School and Why? I was so excited about hearing what they had to say about the many different career fields. They started around the room. I heard the famous I want to be a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher, a police man, nurse and it finally got to me and I was too excited share. I stated, my name is Twanna and when I finish school I want to go to college to be a Social Worker or a Counselor. Why you might ask I added, because I just love helping people. I was so enthused about this I was told I lite up when I talked about it. Growing up I always found myself HELPING others. If I had a dollar I broke it down so that all my friends had something. I was always that shoulder to cry on. I was the one that everyone thought had all the answers and to a point I did. Knowledge was definitely power for me because I kept a book in my hand. If I was asked something I didn’t know you can believe I was doing my research to find the answer.

Well fast forward to my senior year. When it was time to make that decision as to what I was going to major in when I went off to college in August I listened to what everybody said but not what Twanna thought. They would say, I think you should go into Nursing because you as so compassionate with people. You are a people person. Plus, do you know how much money a nurse make. So what do I do? I enroll in college and signed up for nursing, throwing away my dream and desire of being a social worker. I enjoyed the ride to that degree, but after working in that area I realized this is not what “I” wanted to be. I found myself spending more time counseling the patients and their family. When they wanted to talk I was the one they called on. I found myself going in on my days off and just sitting talking to them helping them figure out the next step when they was to be released. Then when they were released I would go help out my patients in their homes. I would go talk to them and help them make their next step. What was I doing? I was living my dream outside of my chosen career.

Fast forward to today February 2017, I am still not working on my dream job. I am not the nurse everyone wanted me to be. However, I return to school for my MBA and later became certified as a Life Coach. This was the next great thing for me since I didn’t follow my heart and dreams of becoming a social worker.  Today, I get so much fulfillments in helping others transform and find their passion in life and fulfill their dreams. I get to work with our Veterans to help them cope with things that they are encountering since they have left military. I always wanted to start a Sister Girls group, so in January 4th 2014 I started my first Group (Goal Diggers/Prospectors) where we created our Vision Boards for the year, worked on our V.I.S.I.O.N (Vesting In Something I’ll Own Now & Forever) and G.O.A.L.S (God Ordained Achievements for Life Sustainment) for our many different lives. We held each other accountable to what we say wanted in life. I am in the processing of starting a couple of movements – E.G.O (Everything God Ordered) and Christian B.A.L.L.E.R.  I said all this to say, stay true to who you are, follow “your dream”, live life on purpose with a purpose, and always follow your big E.G.O.

As a transformation coach, it is my mission in life to help people (especially teen and women) to live the dreams you dreamed about growing up, catch a VISION, set GOALS ,  seek out your TRUE PASSION  by finding your SWEET SPOT, and TAKE ACTION. We are the only person holding us back. God didn’t waste any resources. I went through my past to help someone with their FUTURE. Let me help you align you CHOICES with what you LOVE to do. At the end of day, it pays to JUST BE YOU and not the YOU others want you to be.


Aka: (The Ignite Coach Twanna)



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