You Can’t Do it Alone!

Well I have been away for a couple weeks because I was sick and trying to get my life back on track. During my time out it warrant a trip to the Emergency Room. This definitely was not in the plans, but I ended up there. I am living in an area where there is not family within 15-20 miles. I have limited friends or associates in the area as well. That moment when I felt the need to go to the emergency room, I didn’t want to scare my children with calling an ambulance. I begin to call any and everyone I know here in town. No one was available. I wasn’t comfortable with driving myself. Thankfully, a neighbor was home and available to take me. On the trip to the Emergency Room, I started to think about life and how we cannot do this thing called life alone.  “I” can’t do this thing called life on my own. I am use to having people in my corner. I am use to having people available for me at all times. This thing of being alone and not having associates is new for me and my children.

I always tell my daughter, you need to always have that one individual who is there for you and who will have your back. I tell her often that one someone would be someone you can tell your secrets to. They will be someone that will go to war for you. They will know your character and can vouch for you when it seems the world has come up against you. This does not replace your relationship with God because He will ALWAYS be there for you and will lead and direct you. But you NEED that someone that is there for you.

God shows us this in the Book of Exodus 17. Sometimes we try to do life alone and it could be good because it teaches us independence as we grow along. But there comes a time in our lives where we need help. We need or brothers and sisters to come along and hold us up like Aaron and Hur did for Moses in Exodus 17. When Moses got tired they gave him a seat and one on each side of him held his hands up until they overcame the Amalekites. You may not be in a quote/unquote war, but you have your many battles that you’re fighting in life. You could be battling with a sickness. It could be a battle with grief. It could be a spiritual battle. This is the time we need someone to come along and hold us up. We all need a Ruth, Aaron, or Jonathon in our lives. That someone will know our good, bad and ugly. Someone who will not abandon us when outside circumstances change or come against us. They will stay there through the thick and thin. They will point us in the right direction when needed. That direction should be to God.

It is time out for trying to do it alone. Ask God in prayer to send you your Ruth, Aaron, or Jonathon.


Life of a PK Twanna



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